What We Do


NextStage Clinical Research is a pioneer of the physician-centric clinical research model. Our integrated research sites access diverse patient populations at each clinical practice as well as recruit participants from the communities we serve.

NextStage Clinical Research connects patients with innovative treatment options across numerous therapeutic areas while delivering the highest quality standards.

Therapeutic Areas

Analgesics Pain
Internal Medicine/Family Practice
Urologic Oncology
Weight Loss
MSK-Ortho, Spine

Study Phases

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Registry / Device


Surgical Procedures

Facilities & Equipment

  • Specialty Focused, Private, Physician-Led Surgical Hospitals
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Outpatient Cardiac Cath Labs
  • In-patient Beds
  • Operating Rooms, Cardiac Cath Labs
  • -20C & -80C Freezers
  • Access to Radiology facilities which include CT, X-Ray & MRI
  • Centrifuge Machines
  • ECG Machines
  • Calibrated Scales
  • Calibrated Vital Signs Machines
  • Large, fully equipped Conference Room Space for Monitors & Key Sponsor Personnel
  • Lab & Processing Equipment
  • Access to Physical Therapy
  • Access to Urgent Care
  • Access to Emergency Room Care
  • ICU Beds

Need more information?

Give us a call at 713-574-1015 or visit our contact page!

"Patients deserve to have access to innovation! Our NCR worldwide team is committed to serving patients and physicians alike, providing solutions that deliver results through trust, transparency and dedication to those who need it most."

Ned Schwing
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
NextStage Clinical Research

“I’m extremely excited to help collect data to advance medical treatments for future patients"

NextStage Clinical Research Patient

"NCR addresses an unmet need for busy physician practices like mine. We have a large practice, but do not have the resources to do meaningful clinical research to provide innovative solutions to patients across the Central Texas region."

Dr. Buck Cross
Managing Partner
Waco Cardiology Associates

"Next Stage clinical research has assembled an amazing team that has helped my patients and allowed me to collect accurate and valuable data."

Dr. Brian Chalkin
Orthopedic Surgeon
The Orthopaedic Center

“The study team has made the process simple and easy. I’d be glad to do this again"

NextStage Clinical Research Patient

"NextStage Clinical Research has engaged PIs who are not only world class surgeons, with very busy clinical practices, but they are best in class people who truly care. This is why you are different and this is why we will bring innovation to market faster."

Chief Medical Officer
Biotech Company

“Engaging in the study has helped in my recovery"

NextStage Clinical Research Patient


and counting

and counting

Our network of physician groups represent a diverse range of patient populations and therapeutic areas to increase the power, effectiveness, and speed of clinical research innovation around the word. Together we represent more than 1.5 million patient charts, over 4 million patient visits annually, and over 70,000 surgical procedures across our rapidly growing network. Our physician partners all have access to surgical hospitals, surgery centers, or outpatient cardiac cath labs to provide options for patients and efficiency for sponsors.