Physicians with research.

Patients with hope.

It's time to bring clinical research back to where it belongs.


Physicians with research.

Patients with hope.

It's time to bring clinical research back to where it belongs.


The Clinical Research System Is Inefficient

It’s vital to evaluate the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, wearables, and medical devices before bringing them to market, but it’s been handled all wrong. NextStage Clinical Research's platform brings patients, physicians, and technologies together to solve problems that impact patients' health.

In reality, it should be pretty simple. A patient and their doctor.

What if things could change?

We’ve seen too many family members and friends go without access to a therapy or treatment when they needed it because it wasn’t available or FDA-approved. If it meant a better quality of life, you’d travel anywhere or pay anything to see them well again. Clinical research should be a part of each physician practice's care continuum—and it can be, through a partnership with NextStage Clinical Research.

Things have moved too slow for too long. It’s time for a change.


Building a Clinical Research Ecosystem

NextStage Clinical Research believes that research should be a part of a patient's journey to restoring health and improving life. That means there are millions of chances to advance research that are left unfulfilled.

When we empower the physicians and their practice with the tools they need to offer clinical research solutions to their patients, we can close the recruitment gap.

The doctor has more options. Research is advanced. And patients find hope.

Clinical Site

Experienced team of world class physicians and staff GCP certified and Research Ready

Diverse Patient Populations Around the World

Partnerships with world class practices and thought-leading physicians across the country and in varied therapeutic areas.

Centralized Team Drives Efficiency

Leverage Centralized IRB, Budget, Compliance, Regulatory Oversight. Studies can start in weeks instead of months.

Technology and Standardized Processes

Simplifies processes, drives results and delivers clean, repeatable data.

Empowering physicians to do clinical research

We’re on a mission to empower and connect top physician groups and their patients to clinical solutions that foster improved health and innovation. You don’t have the time or staffing to learn the ins and outs of clinical research, but this gives you a chance to help more people and advance medical care in the process.


NCR gives you:

A single point of contact

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Deeper trust and more options for your patients

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Access to Clinical Research Solutions

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Studies that meet the needs of your practice and patient population

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Centralized budgeting, contracting, regulatory, and compliance assistance

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Confidence to deliver world class research in your practice close to home

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"Patients deserve to have access to innovation! Our NCR worldwide team is committed to serving patients and physicians alike, providing solutions that deliver results through trust, transparency and dedication to those who need it most."

Ned Schwing
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
NextStage Clinical Research

“I’m extremely excited to help collect data to advance medical treatments for future patients"

NextStage Clinical Research Patient

"NCR addresses an unmet need for busy physician practices like mine. We have a large practice, but do not have the resources to do meaningful clinical research to provide innovative solutions to patients across the Central Texas region."

Dr. Buck Cross
Managing Partner
Waco Cardiology Associates

"Next Stage clinical research has assembled an amazing team that has helped my patients and allowed me to collect accurate and valuable data."

Dr. Brian Chalkin
Orthopedic Surgeon
The Orthopaedic Center

“The study team has made the process simple and easy. I’d be glad to do this again"

NextStage Clinical Research Patient

"NextStage Clinical Research has engaged PIs who are not only world class surgeons, with very busy clinical practices, but they are best in class people who truly care. This is why you are different and this is why we will bring innovation to market faster."

Chief Medical Officer
Biotech Company

“Engaging in the study has helped in my recovery"

NextStage Clinical Research Patient


and counting

and counting

Our network of physician groups represent a diverse range of patient populations and therapeutic areas to increase the power, effectiveness, and speed of clinical research innovation around the word. Together we represent more than 1.5 million patient charts, over 4 million patient visits annually, and over 70,000 surgical procedures across our rapidly growing network. Our physician partners all have access to surgical hospitals, surgery centers, or outpatient cardiac cath labs to provide options for patients and efficiency for sponsors.